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Phonics is a branch of linguistics where the sounds and physical properties of human speech sounds are studied. Phonics reading is highly essential in every child education. It is not uncommon to find parents who question the importance of phonics reading in the education of their children..

Are you new to nature photography? Feeling a little unsure of how to get started in your quest to make beautiful images? If you want to consistently make good photos, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of resources out there to help you, but these can also be overwhelming to sort through. Here is an overview of the topics you will need to learn about from a nature perspective, and some guidance on the different resources available.


Let me start with a very basic statement. There is a difference between making a photo and taking a snapshot. Maybe it’s because most of us have had access to a camera for taking family snapshots since we were young, that it can take a while before that realization and transformation occurs (and sometimes it never does!). Making good photos is a “whole brain” experience. A technically perfect (left brain) image can still be unappealing if the artistic part is overlooked. But to achieve your vision (right brain) you need to know how to make the tools work. And it takes time to thoughtfully put all of it together to make the photo. Simply pointing and clicking will rarely get you there.


Timing Instructor Room
Monday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Scolar. Walter A-1234
Tuesday 08:30Am to 12:30Pm Prof. James Bond B-1236
Wednesday 04:30Pm to 10:30Pm Painter. Jimalter Z-1014
Thursday 02:30Am to 09:00Pm Prof. Jim Walter AB-134
Friday 11:30Am to 04:10Pm Prof. Eric William A10-13
Saturday 09:30Am to 01:30Pm Prof. Ricky Price AL-165
Sunday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Alard William A-258