Phonics is a branch of linguistics where the sounds and physical properties of human speech sounds are studied. Phonics reading is highly essential in every child education. It is not uncommon to find parents who question the importance of phonics reading in the education of their children..

Effective teachers appear again and again to display certain characteristics, while ineffective teachers tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Below is a look at some of the things more effective teachers tend to do right and less effective teachers tend to do wrong.


Based on a scheme originally developed by M. Hildebrand, 1971.

Organization and Clarity

  • explains clearly
  • is well prepared (see Preparing for the First Day)
  • makes difficult topics easy to understand
  • uses examples, details, analogies, metaphors, and variety in modes of explanation to make material not only understandable but memorable
  • makes the objectives of the course and each class clear (see Course Design, Course Goals and Learning Outcomes)
  • establishes a context for material

Analytic/Synthetic Approach

  • has a thorough command of the field
  • contrasts the implications of various theories
  • gives the student a sense of the field, its past, present, and future directions, the origins of ideas and concepts (see Consider Your Audience)
  • presents facts and concepts from related fields
  • discusses viewpoints other than his/her own

Dynamism and Enthusiasm

  • is an energetic, dynamic person
  • seems to enjoy teaching
  • conveys a love of the field
  • has an aura of self-confidence

Instructor-Group Interaction

  • can stimulate, direct, and pace interaction with the class (see How to Lead a Discussion)
  • encourages independent thought and accepts criticism
  • uses wit and humor effectively
  • is a good public speaker (see Speaking at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking)
  • knows whether or not the class is following the material and is sensitive to students’ motivation
  • is concerned about the quality of his/her teaching


Timing Instructor Room
Monday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Scolar. Walter A-1234
Tuesday 08:30Am to 12:30Pm Prof. James Bond B-1236
Wednesday 04:30Pm to 10:30Pm Painter. Jimalter Z-1014
Thursday 02:30Am to 09:00Pm Prof. Jim Walter AB-134
Friday 11:30Am to 04:10Pm Prof. Eric William A10-13
Saturday 09:30Am to 01:30Pm Prof. Ricky Price AL-165
Sunday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Alard William A-258